Monday, June 3, 2019

Update - June 3rd, 2019

Webinars -

Recent Advances and the Future of Antibody Engineering
- June 11th, 11AM EST, Not ADC focused, but clearly related

Regulatory - 

Maryland creates drug affordability review board
- The rising complexity of oncological therapeutics comes with a higher price tag.  Thats starting to raise eyebrows in places.  And its only going to spread more

Partnerships -

ADC Therapeutics Expands to Third Program Using Synaffix’s ADC Platform Under Existing Agreement
- ADCT continues to expand their catalog with Synaffix's site specific glycosylation modification platform.  They are up to 3 and counting.  Hopefully they also see success in the clinic

Manuscripts - 

A coiled-coil masking domain for selective activation of therapeutic antibodies
Nature Biotechnology
- SeaGen is at it again with a mAb agnostic masking domain to prevent antigen binding outside of the tumor microenvironmnet

SORLA regulates endosomal trafficking and oncogenic fitness of HER2
Nature Communications
- HER2 is a favorite target for ADCs because of the success of Herceptin as well as Kadcyla.  So any insight into the mechanism of internalization is good information to have

Reports -

Global Oncology Trends 2019 : Therapeutics, Clinical Development and Health System Implications
- A substantial overview of the changes and trends of the year.  Don't miss this one

IQVIA Global Oncology Trends: An Interview with Murray Aitken
- And in a follow up to the above article, Murry Aitken gives an interview about the findings

Clinical Results - 

Daiichi Sankyo Presents Preliminary Phase 1 Data for HER3 Targeting ADC U3-1402 in Patients with EGFR Mutated NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer at 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting
Daiichi Sankyo Press Release
- Daiichi continues their stellar run at becoming one of the major players in the ADC space.  On top of the recent success of their DS-8201 asset, their HER3 ADC showed reduction in tumor size in 16 out of 16 patients

First-in-human, dose-escalation, phase (ph) I trial to evaluate safety of anti-Axl antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) enapotamab vedotin (EnaV) in solid tumors.
Journal of Clinical Oncology
- Genmab's anti-Axl ADC is showing progress and moving into the Phase IIa dose expansion with 7 of its original 45 patients

Thats it for today.  There are always more coming down the pike.  Is there something I missed?  Contact me. [email protected]

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