Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Daily Update - May 28th, 2019

It's been a week since my last update.  Not really living up to the ADC Daily moniker, but I have been accumulating all of the links over the past week.  So here we go. Since there are so many, I am organizing them into categories:


Perks and Pitfalls of Antibody Drug Conjugates: Lessons Learned with Charlie Johnson
The Medicine Maker
-Charlie Johnson, CEO ADC Bio, gives an extensive interview about what they are up to in the UK

Conferences - 

ASCO 2019 ADC Presentation Guide
ADC Review
- A summary table to ADC presentations at this years ASCO.  Also, Beacon Targeted Therapies has put together something similar, reach out to Raj Kumar on LinkedIn if you want access to that one

New Data Demonstrates Potential for RemeGen’s RC48 in HER2+ Cancers
ADC Review
- RemeGen in China has announced that they will release Phase II data on their Ad-Cyla Hybrid (HER2 with vcMMAE) molecule

Brad Loncar’s ASCO19 preview: 5 big ideas to watch for at the ultimate cancer show of the year
Endpoints News
- Brad goes through all of the things he's excited about at ASCO this year.  If you scroll way way down, there is ADC news in there.  But the broader trends in oncology are interesting as well

Manuscripts - 

Insights from capillary electrophoresis approaches for characterization of monoclonal antibodies and antibody drug conjugates in the period 2016–2018
Journal of Chromatography
- A nice review article for the analytical types out there.  All you ever wanted to know about the most recent happenings in the world of CE - CGE, cIEF, CZE, CE-MS

Cancer cells are quick-change artists adapting to their environment
Science Daily
- To anyone researching oncology targets, this paper should be terrifying.  The level of plasticity among cancer cells is significantly higher than previously understood leading to significant difficulties in biomarker utility

Study on the Heterogeneity of T-DM1 and the Analysis of the Unconjugated Linker Structure under a Stable Conjugation Process
ACS Omega
- An in-depth look at conjugation site heterogeneity on Kadcyla.  Very interesting read.

Business - 

Seattle Genetics taps pharma oncology veteran as first-ever chief commercial officer
- SeaGen is going big time.  Adcetris is up to 6 unique indications, and two more candidates are moving up through the pipeline.  So they are bring in some big pharma experience to lead the expansion

Bicycle raises $61M in downsized IPO, joining fellow biotechs on Nasdaq who have hauled in $1.6B collectively
Endpoints News
- Bicycle therapeutics cashed in for $61M in their IPO.  Which puts it at the bottom of the list for capital raises in Biotech for the year

AstraZeneca Offers a Perch to Cancer High Flier Who Stumbled
Bloomberg News
- Jose Baselga is the new head of AZ's cancer research, this is a facinating article about his progression into this role and what direction the AZ oncology unit is headed towards

Thats it for today.  There are always more coming down the pike.  Is there something I missed?  Contact me. [email protected]

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