Friday, May 3, 2019

ADC Bio is hosting a Webinar

ADC Bio is hosting a webinar titled:

Investing for the Future: Unlocking Advanced ADC Manufacturing Innovation on May 15th at 11am EST

Here is the link:

It looks interesting.  They are having three different speakers including the CEO and two different investment advisors.  So I would expect this to be heavily focused around the business side of ADC manufacturing.  And don't be surprised if they are selling you on their lock-release technology at the same time.

I had a chance to speak with them at World ADC and it sounds interesting, although there are definitely some kinks that will need to be ironed out.  (e.g. implementing the lock-release technology at the mAb purification stage would require highly potent mAb manufacturing)

What are your thoughts on solid phase conjugation?  Its a cool concept, but can it be done in the real world?

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