Friday, April 26, 2019

The Circular Firing Squad of Biotech News

Yesterday I posted this on LinkedIn:

IQVia has just released an incredible report focused on "The Changing Landscape of Research and Development: Innovation, Drivers of Change, and Evolution of Clinical Trial Productivity" Among the many gems in here is the observation that overall 11% of Preclinical candidates make it to commercialization, but only 8% of oncology candidates do the same. However this is expected to change with the advancement of Next-Generation Biotherapeutics such as gene therapy and bi-specific antibodies, in addition to genome based patient selection and a better understanding of Immunotherapy resistance. What do you think? Are we at the cusp of a revolution, or one step further on a very long journey? hashtagmanufacturing hashtagscience hashtagcrispr hashtagadc

Today, there is this from Forbes:

And then there is this from Fierce Biotech:

With everyone citing the IQVia report for their numbers.  What does this mean for you?  It means that there is only a limited amount of information for which the many (many) independent journalists get to look at and put their spin on.

We will continue to provide the most relevant information for the ADC industry right here at ADC Daily, and when appropriate, articles will be amended to include all of the extra links so that you can have all of these things in one place.

What source do you trust for you biotech news updates?  Where are you looking for new information?

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