Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bispecific mAbs can solve the problem of ADC internalization

Clearly the similarities between ADCs and lobsters are unmistakable.
Although nature has solely evolved a DAR of 8 for these little guys.

The question that is being asked by researchers into bi-specific mAbs is this:  How do we find a target antigen that is both highly expressed, and also undergoes rapid internalization upon binding?
And the solution being pursued by companies is to use bi-specific mAbs that can find two unique antigens for each of those goals.  In this way, it could be possible to find one well internalized antigen for one "claw" of the mAb, and then you could target multiple tumor specific antigens on the other "claw".

To date, there have not been any approved commercial bi-specific ADCs, but that could be changing in the near future is some of the clinical trials underway are successful.

Is this the future of ADCs, or another fad that will come and go?  What do you think?  Or is anyone currently working on this right now?

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