Friday, April 26, 2019

A different way to approach Commerical Launches

This is a little bit of a step away from the R&D arms that we normally focus on.  But it is very interesting and directly applicable to ADCs since they are primarily focused on small markets.

Indegene is attempting to use an AI driven software to specifically target marketing revenue where it will be most beneficial.  No super bowl ads here, just targeted approaches to where the revenue will be at its most effective.

In the case of ADCs for example, the Adcetris market was in the order of $500 million last year (, which is right in the sweet spot for this type of approach.

ADCs are a bit of a goldilocks in terms of market, and really in terms of production as well.  They are not profitable through scale, but through specificity, and maybe looking at the marketing approach in the same light makes sense.

What do you think?  Is Indegene onto something, or is this a pipedream?

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